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I am a relaxing salt based bath soak enhanced with ground lavender and colloidal(ground) oats.  Enjoy me at your desired water temperature and soak your worries away. (mini soak sack included)


If you suffer with dry, itchy, irritated skin and enjoy the scent of lavender then I am the soak for you. I am packed with benefits with my ground lavender and oats. Like an oatmeal bath colloidal oats can treat various skin conditions, however, it does not treat all skin conditions. Oatmeal is known to provide moisture and soothe skin by reducing inflammation. Along with oatmeal being a skin soother lavender is known to do the same thing. Lavender is known to be associated with aromatherapy. It has been used to reduce stress, anxiety, sleep assistance. I am available in two shippable sizes medium and large.


This soak is not a cure to all skin conditions it only helps alleviate the dry, itchy, and irritated skin. Please consult a doctor if skin condition worsens or does not go away.  Colloidal oats and lavendar should not clog your drain as it is a powder that dissolves in hot water.

Just Soak

  • Ebony & Dawn do not offer refunds or returns.  However, we do value your feedback as a customer. Go to our homepage and click on our logo. If you experience an allergic reaction please discontinue use and seek out professional help. 

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