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All about Ebony & Dawn

We are a local business based out of Midlothian, VA that specialize in customizable body butters and other natural products.

In 2019, the sisters were in Ebony's kitchen discussing homemade holiday gifts for family members that were thoughtful yet anyone could use. That is when we started making their body butters as a team. Prior to this unity Dawn made her butter in the solid form with additional oils while Ebony had a preference for whipped. While collaborating we combined both of our methods of making body butter and we found that we loved the results as did family members. With the goal to start our business in 2020 COVID-19 hit and pushed back our launch date. However, we continued to press on with our goal in sight to start our business. In May 2020 is when Ebony & Dawn became our reality.

In the beginning, we began using shea butter as part of our hair care regimen as we both embarked on our natural hair journeys.  From our hair to our skin is how we first learned about the benefits of shea butter; it was the first butter that we knew. We discovered at different times and through different experiences that shea butter was not the sealant we were looking for in our hair or skin.  It seemed too heavy and hard to manipulate out of the container without a little elbow grease.  However, we knew that there was not enough of a sealant in lotion to provide the desired moisture to our skin.  Even with its complications we continued to embrace shea butter and learned more about its benefits and continued to try several different brands. What we found was that some were labeled “organic” but they contained inorganic fillers. The tricky part is that you can’t always tell if it’s organic or not by just looking at the color. Thus producing a need for continued exploration. 

In our journey and continued education we discovered that there are many other butters besides shea butter such as mango butter, cocoa butter, and kokum butter. We were both surprised and intrigued to learn that all butters are derived from the seeds of the plant that bears their fruit, seed, or nut. Each fruit, nut, or seed has their own unique property and benefits. We discovered that this is why it is important to know what your skin is asking for and needs to maintain it.

What about Ebony & Dawns Body Butters?

Ebony and Dawn make body butters for all skin types and all levels of melanin. Our products are made with love and other natural ingredients. At Ebony and Dawn we are committed to providing high quality body butters and consumer education. Body butter is a skin moisturizer; not to be confused with our well-loved sister moisturizer, lotion. At Ebony and Dawn we use organic ingredients. With those ingredients we make customizable butters and naturally scented butters. Our natural unscented butters have the natural scent of their seed when processed. All jarred butters can be scented to the buyers choice. 

About the butters:

If it is green with a light scent it is Avocado butter.

If it is a range of yellow with a nutty and smokey scent it is Shea butter.

If it is light yellow and unscented it is Mango butter.

If it is cream-yellow and smells like chocolate it is Cocoa butter.

If it is a shade of cream-white and unscented it is Kokum butter.

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